AmeriSys's Extraordinary Limited Warranty
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AmeriSys stands behind the quality of its products with its guarantee of satisfaction. If for any reason you receive one of our products and it does not meet your standards of quality, you may return it within the warranty period for service*. Further details are explained below.

15 years of experience and service... and the best warranty around

AmeriSys has been working hard to build an unsurpassed reputation for customer service since it's beginnings in 1991. We take pride in building the best you can get for your money and are always here to answer your needs. We welcome your feedback in improving our products and complementing our product lines. Our products are not imported. They are all made in North America using quality craftsmanship. They are built, assembled, tested and shipped by our own people who care. There is a huge and still-growing accessory and options line to support our products. This is the best form of warranty any company can offer... good design and well built equipment. Virtually everyone who buys an AmeriSys product with a realistic expectation of what it should be able to do is surprised at how much more it will do than they thought. Furthermore, we offer the following promises:

AmeriSys's Extraordinary Limited Warranty

It has always been our policy to service all our products at no cost, regardless of age, which we determine to have been incorrectly manufactured or assembled and have failed due to this and not becauese of improper use or normal or excessive wear. In such cases, AmeriSys will inspect the product and will be the sole judge of the merit of the claim. Now, for the legalese:

Amerisys warrants its products to be free from defects in material manufacturing by AmeriSys and in AmeriSys’s workmanship for a period of two (2) years after tender of delivery (the ‘Warranty Period’).

    This limited warranty
  1. is in lieu of, and AmeriSys disclaims and excludes, all other warranties, statutory, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or of conformity to models or samples;
  2. is limited to the monetary value paid to AmeriSys for the product;
  3. does not apply to any product which has
    1. been repaired, altered or improperly installed;
    2. been subjected to improper use or storage;
    3. been subjected to misuse or abuse;
    4. reached its normal end of life;
    5. components that are no longer available;
    6. been used or incorporated with other material or equipment, after buyer or anyone using the product has, or reasonably should have, knowledge of any defect or non-conformance of the product; or
    7. been manufactured, fabricated or assembled by anyone other than AmeriSys;
  4. does not cover freight, shipping, customs or incidental charges;
  5. shall not be effective unless buyer promptly notifies AmeriSys in writing of any purported defect or non-conformance;
  6. shall only extend to the original buyer indicated on the warranty registration card and not to any subsequent buyers or users of the product. Buyer shall provide AmeriSys access to the products to which buyer claims a purported defect or non-conformance. Upon request by AmeriSys buyer shall, at its own risk and expense, promptly return the product in question to AmeriSys’s plant;
  7. shall only extend to products whose duly completed warranty registration has been received by AmeriSys within 30 days after tender of delivery of the product to the buyer, along with a copy of the sales invoice;
  8. shall only extend to products whose invoice has been paid in full within 30 days after tender of delivery of the product as indicated on the sales invoice or packing slip; and
  9. only applies to new* products.

Warranty service is available by simply returning the product to:
AmeriSys Inc.
4230 St John's Blvd. #231,
Montreal (D.D.O.), QC, Canada
H9H 3X4

Please e-mail AmeriSys ( to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number before returning a product. We will provide specific instructions for returning your product.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from one jurisdiction to another.

*NOTE: Only new products purchased directly from AmeriSys or from an Authorized AmeriSys dealer or integrator or installer are covered by this warranty. This includes products purchased via on-line auctions when offered by AmeriSys or its authorized dealers. Products purchased second-hand or from a non-authorized dealer are considered "used" and are not subject to warranty even if they appear to be new in the box. If you are in doubt about the status of a dealer or are suspicious about an offer that doesn't seem quite right, you can always confirm a dealer's / integrator's / installer's status by checking our DEALERS - INTEGRATORS - INSTALLERS page for a listing or by sending us an e-mail to confirm a dealer's authority to represent AmeriSys.

AmeriSys Service Policy

AmeriSys’s policy regarding customer service is simple: Customer Satisfaction!

Because products manufactured by AmeriSys are produced by AmeriSys, we offer fast and reasonably priced service. All we ask when you pack the items for shipping is to use common sense, individually protecting items from one another during shipping. Ship pre-paid, by FedEx Air whenever possible, and purchase an appropriate amount of insurance. If you have attempted a repair and then decide to return the item it is not necessary to reassemble the product. If you have lost a part, don’t worry. We’ll still get it looking great for you and return it. Work and parts not covered under warranty can be charged to your credit card for your convenience or we can contact you with an estimate at your request before performing any work. Again, please e-mail to obtain an RMA number before returning anything for service.

Cleaning the returned items thoroughly before you ship them will save time and money.

Ship items to:
AmeriSys Inc.
4230 St John's Blvd #231
Montreal (D.D.O.), QC, Canada H9H 3X4

*If merchandise is received damaged by the courrier, keep the original shipping carton and contact them.