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Since our beginnings, multinational corporations such as Cabletron Systems Inc. have granted us substantial R&D contracts to resolve difficult, mission-critical, technical problems. This has propelled our efforts toward the research and development of high speed LAN products operating through unshielded twisted pair telephone cable.

We always strive to improve on our excellent track record with our customers. Our efforts have resulted in many innovative solutions. After recognizing the high commercial potential of our solutions, one customer requested two international patents having as sole inventor a member of our staff, one of which was granted in 1994.

In cooperation with our customers, we have published results with the ISO (International Standardization Organization) as well as with the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) committees. Our results have had a significant impact on the content of international standards. The reputation of our company has grown in a sustained fashion which now reaches out to the EEC (Economic European Community).

France Telecom has granted us technical support contracts for the standardization of the 120 ohm cabling system. With our concerted efforts, we steered the ISO 8802.5 / IEEE 802.5 Token Ring International Committee to vote and approve an inclusion of the 120 ohm cabling system in the standards.

Since then, AmeriSys personnel has been instrumental in the formation of the ISO 802.13 committee which indirectly has brought the world devices that are now known as cable modems. AmeriSys personnel was also part of the founding members of the ISO 802.15 - Personal Area Networks. The most recent contribution of AmeriSys personnel has been as founding members of the ISO802.22 - Regional Area Networks which, much like cable modems and DSL, will bring high speed internet access to rural areas across the world.

Today, AmeriSys personnel sits on the 802 architecture committee, comprised of a select group of worldwide renowned networking experts, that is reviewing the overall architecture and preparing the foundations of the current and next generation networks that serve our everyday lives.