Access Control Smart Card Proximity Card Reader With Keypad
Your passport to security
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The ergonomic OKBUW1 is a small, self-contained, universal Wiegand reader with integral keyboard. It is available in Mifare ISO14443 typeA modulation. Its two-part casing allows mounting of the bottom part to the wall or table. Addition of the cover/electronics assembly can then be done once the gross mechanical fitting is completed.

This unit features our unique, variable length Wiegand bit stream generator. This enables the unit to transmit different bit stream lengths. Its program functions allow you to combine multiple bit streams for a given card. For example, you may instruct a reader to output a 26 bit code when a card is presented to it. You may also instruct an identical device to output a 32 bit stream when the same card is presented. You may further instruct a third device to output an ABA bit stream when the same card is presented. You may also specify, by card, how many bits are to be output on any given reader.

The keyboard section allows you to use the reader without a card. The keyboard can be used to communicate with the controller at any time. When used together, the card and the keyboard can be used to enhance security. Cards can be loaded with instructions for the reader requiring that a personal identification number be entered to validate the card. This increases security as the card alone is no longer sufficient to enter a premise. This is done without requiring the replacement or alteration of your existing controllers and databases. If a user tries passwords on the keyboard, the trial results are transmitted to the controller, alerting it of any hacking attempt at the access point.

This card/reader system supports secondary personal identification numbers. These can be used for various purposes, such as to highlight a duress condition. When entered, the reader will send an alternate Weigand string to the controller. The controller may still elect to allow entry while silently alerting security of the duress condition.

The dual password system is very versatile. One indication of this versatility is the ability of the card/reader system to integrate the functions of up to 47 different cards/facilities into a single card. With full password protection, a single card is still capable of integrating the functionality of 30 different cards/facilities. You can therefore get rid of all those cards you have to enter different facilities and enjoy the use of a single card. You don't have to replace your controllers to do this and you don't have to re-program your controller databases.

The keyboard is also fitted with four special function keys. These keys can be programmed to perform different functions, such as sending special Weigand strings to alert the controller of emergency situations. Fire, ambulance, police, alarm arming and disarming, many different uses can be made of these four keys. In normal service, these keys allow for a higher code diversity with less keystrokes.

ADA ready, the multicolor led indicator and audio indicator provide the cardholder with a visual and aural feedback from the Wiegand controller. Typically, when a card is inside the reader's field the interface will flash the indicator and a beeping sound will be heard. When the host controller has completed the transaction, it will change the indicator to a specific color (red, green or amber) and the audio tone will change accordingly.

Technical Specifications