Portable Proximity Smart Card Reader
with Keypad and Display
for Guard Tours and Access Control
Your passport to security
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The PCSC1 portable unit is a reader writer device with integrated interface that allows its user to read from and write to contactless smart cards in a mobile and autonomous fashion. Able to perform a variety of transactions, this instrument has been designed to provide solutions for various applications such as guard tours, fish and game permit verification, road patrols, restaurant and bar services, ambulant services, construction sites, etc... With this device, one can verify, validate and transact with a contactless smart card. Its internal computers can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks tailored to your specific needs. Its RS232 port allows you to upload or download data before, during and after operations and allow you to extend its capabilities, thanks to its link to a host computer.

Moreover, this instrument can be connected to your computer as a slave peripheral allowing access and transactions with contactless smart cards, wherever you may be.

Technical Specifications