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Card Cloner Tool
Benefit from our state-of-the-art technology:

    Get ready for the future - the easy way
    Want to migrate toward contactless smart cards...
            ... and then to FIPS-201 ...
                   ... without the migraines?

  • Just upgrade to AmeriSys cards and readers
  • Our unique technology makes the transition manageable
  • Upgrade the cards and readers today
  • Gradually update the controllers and databases on a door-by-door basis later
  • Our unique technology makes this possible and is seamless for the cardholders
  • Preserves your old legacy card codes - controller databases remain unaffected
  • Automatically encodes cards - no-liainer - no mumble - no fumble operation
  • Automatic logging of card information transfers and cross-reference table generation
  • Supports stand-alone operation
  • Supports computer supervised operation
  • Optional support software included
  • API available
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Different security systems are created to fulfill separate objectives. This document will introduce you to the AmeriSys security system, which is currently one of the most sophisticated on the market. It is intended for the customer who wishes to have total control and flexibility while ensuring a complex network of security firewalls to control access to information and premises. Over and above the standard protection provided by access controllers, AmeriSys has developed a multi-tiered level of security for the access reader that can be customized and adapted to your requirements.

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