Consulting Process
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Equipped with strong analytical abilities, a "down-to-earth" practical experience and a vocation to search for effective solutions, we always begin our projects by listening to your needs.

Teaming up with your personnel, our specialists proceed in a systemic assessment of your requirements. Our goal is to help you improve your efficiency, your competitive edge and your bottom line.

The reflection phase is next, when we try to find advantageous solutions to your situation. At the end of this phase, we summarize the circumstances with you and proceed to an evaluation of the proposed solutions and an explanation of the operating principles.

After acceptance, comes the simulation phase. The result of this phase is a presentation of test results. When you are convinced that a proposed solution can satisfy your needs, we begin the design phase. By now, the solution moves from theory to reality. The final concept is documented, functional specifications are drawn and a few prototypes are built.

We proceed to the final test and debugging phase with the prototypes in hand. This is an essential milestone in the R&D cycle. At this point we confirm that the proposed device really corresponds to your needs. We adapt the solution and optimize the prototype. Finally, we create a finished product which conforms to your specifications.

Meanwhile, we offer technical support, representation and the required training for a successful transfer of technologies. We join forces with you to achieve project goals. We want to help you reduce costs and optimize the return on your investment in R&D. We work as a team with you to achieve success. This allows us to remain proactive in order to actively face problems as they surface. You can therefore benefit from state-of-the-art technology without having to manage and control an entire R&D department. Let us put our synergy to profit for you.